Catfish Plantation
814 Water Street
Waxahachie, TX 75165

Meet the biggest names in the paranormal, here at Catfish Plantation!


We card so alcohol will not be served in anyone under 21. Please drink responsibly. (We aren't kidding. Its posted all over so don't even try)

We will be closing early on Sunday, May 6 at 6PM for a Special Event.

To book a Special EVENT, please email us at www.catfishplantation.att.net . Rental starts at $1000 plus the cost of food and beverages.


Keep Checking for our Upcoming Events



Gift Certificates Available!!! Call to order or pick one up at the restaurant. Will mail to any address. Postage is extra.


Catfish Plantation


Once Upon A Ride


Many thanks for DAPS Paranormal for their continued help and support!